Mooney M20C

M20C Ranger         ***SOLD***       $49,900

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General Info
Make: Mooney Registration Number: N241LW
Model: M20C Serial Number: 700088
Model Year: 1970 Engine: O-360 A1D / 180 HP
Location: Trenton-Robbinsville (N87) Gear: Retractable (electric)
    Prop: Constant Speed
Logbook Time
Total Time: (Hours since New) 2930 Log books
Engine: (Since Major Overhaul)  925 Prop:  (Since Major Overhaul) 10   (Sept '10)
Maintenance Info
Annual Due: (Date) August, 2012  (Mooney Service Center maintained)
IFR Certification Due: July, 2011
AD's complete?
Type of Engine Overhaul: Field Overhaul (Columbia Aircraft Services)
Damage History: No damage history
Other: Fuel tanks stripped & resealed by Wilmar Air Service October, 2009 (includes 5 year transferable warranty)
Speed mods (below): Other features (below):
201 style windshield Electric gear and flaps
LASAR deluxe cowl closure with 201 spinner Aeroflash wingtip strobes
One-piece belly pan, wheel well liners, and brake cylinder rotation Stand-by vacuum system

Leading edge wing root, flap fillet, dorsal fin, and horizontal tail root fairings

201 style com antennas; 201 wing tips with concealed nav antennas
 Flap & aileron gap seals Auxiliary antenna jack for hand-held radio
 Flap, rudder, & elevator hinge covers Wing and cockpit covers, cowl plugs, tow bar
  Make / Model
NAV/COM #1: King KX155 w/ Glideslope
NAV/COM #2: King KX155
Transponder: Terra TRT 250D w/ alt encoding
Brittain AccuFlite II / AccuTrak II
GPS: Bendix/King AV80OR coupled with WxWorx XM weather
Traffic: Zaon PCAS MRX collision avoidance sys.
Intercom: PS Engineering 1000-II (4-place, w/ music input)
Bendix KR 86
Engine Monitoring:

E.I. Volt/Ampmeter; 4-probe EGT

Marker Beacon: Genave Delta/202
Compass: Precision vertical card compass
Color(s): White with atlantic blue and dark red trim
Paint Condition:
(1 to 10, 10 being the highest)
8 (painted in '98 by Reese Aircraft)
Color(s): White / Blue
Fabric: Cloth / Vinyl
(1 to 10, 10 being the highest)
8 (replaced upholstery in '98)
Glass condition: Very Good
Cruise Speed: 152 kts (true btw 6000 - 8000 feet)
Useful Load: (remaining after full fuel) 658 lbs (970 without fuel)
Fuel Capacity: 52 gal
Fuel burn: (average) 9.4 GPH *
Range: 659 nm *
Specific Range: ((Efficiency = Cruise Speed ÷ Lbs per hour of fuel burn) (The higher the number, the better the efficiency)) 2.70
* Note: Performance figures are estimates based on best available information and may vary depending on power settings, etc..
Mooney drivers share a unique and deeply seated characteristic - we like to go fast!  And this is the fastest "C" model on the east coast.  With over $17k in speed mods, this airplane looks and flies like a "J" model down low and trues-out at 152-154 kts between 6000 and 8000 feet using only about 9 gallons per hour.

For those of you not very familiar with Mooney's...if a Cessna is akin to a Chevrolet and a Bonanza is akin to a Mercedes, then the Mooney is akin to a Porsche.  Mooneys are among the most efficient and structurally sound airplanes manufactured.  The low profile cross-section and laminar flow wings reduce drag to enable the fast air speeds typically unachievable in other manufacturers' airplanes with similar horsepower.  The tubular steel frame, acting as a cockpit roll cage, along with the wingtip-to-wingtip wing spar, make the Mooney airframe the strongest and safest among GA airplanes.

Air-Mods, an authorized Mooney Service Center, has maintained this airplane since the mid-90's and the owners have spared no expense.  During that time, Air-Mods installed the speed modifications, performed all maintenance, and managed the engine overhaul.  In October '09, through Air-Mods' recommendation, Wilmar Air Service stripped and resealed the fuel tanks (their process is now used by the Mooney factory and includes a 5-year transferable warranty).  In September '10, the propeller was overhauled by Sensenich Propeller Service at Lancaster Airport.

The previous owners have taken great pride in maintaining this airplane including routine washing and waxing.  You will be hard pressed to find a better (and faster) "C".  This airplane is priced right and will provide the new owner with pride in ownership, economy, speed, and a good cross-country platform for years to come.

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