Mooney M20K Rocket

Mooney Rocket         ****SOLD****            $139,000

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General Info
Make: Mooney Registration Number: N252M
Model: M20K (252) Serial Number: 25-1151
Model Year: 1987 Engine: TSI0-520-NB (310 HP)
Location: Trenton-Robbinsville (N87) Gear: Retractable
    Prop: Constant Speed
Summary Info
Rocket conversion! GNS 430W, 3M WX-10A Stormscope, Century 2000 autopilot, TKS anti-ice, speed brakes, EDM 700, Hoskins 101 fuel flow, & much more!


Logbook Time
Total Time: (Hours since New)  4165 Log books
Engine: (Since Major Overhaul)    715 Prop:  (Since Major Overhaul)    715 hrs
Maintenance Info
Annual due: May, 2015 (fresh Mooney Service Center annual with sale)
IFR Certification Due: November 2015
AD's complete? (Yes / No) Yes
Engine Overhaul by:  
Damage History:
No known damage
Hangared: Yes
TKS Anti-Ice Articulating pilot/co-pilot seats
Speed brakes Split removable rear seats
Long-range fuel tanks (106 gals) Dual landing lights, recognition lights, & strobes
Built-in 4-place oxygen  
  Make / Model
NAV/COM #1: Garmin GNS 430W
NAV/COM #2: King KX 155
Century NSD 360 (slaved)
ADF: King KR 87
DME: King KN 64
Autopilot: Century 2000 w/ altitude hold
Transponder: King KT 76A
Weather: 3M WX-10A Stormscope
Audio Panel: King KMA 24
Intercom: Sigtronics
Engine Monitoring: JPI EDM 700
Fuel Flow and Totalizer: Hoskins 101
Standby Vac: Yes (electric)
Other: Electronic International digital tach
Color(s): Cream w/ blue & maroon trim
Paint Condition:
(1 to 10, 10 being the highest)
Color(s): Blue
Fabric: Valour (fabric)
(1 to 10, 10 being the highest)
Glass condition: Good
Cruise Speed: (at 75% power) 190 kts *
Useful Load: (remaining after full fuel) 300 lbs *
Fuel Capacity: 106 gal
Fuel burn: (average) 19 GPH *
Range: 1000 nm *
Specific Range: ((Efficiency = Cruise Speed ÷ Lbs per hour of fuel burn) (The higher the number, the better the efficiency)) 2.33
* Note: Performance figures are estimates based on best available information (from POH, Vref, etc.) and may not be exact for this particular aircraft.

Mooney drivers share a unique and deeply seated characteristic - they like to go fast!  Mooneys are among the most effecient and structurally sound airplanes manufactured.  The low profile cross-section and laminar flow wings reduce drag to enable the fast air speeds typically unachievable in other manufacturers' airplanes with similar horsepower.  The tubular steel frame, acting as a cockpit roll cage, along with the wingtip-to-wingtip wing spar make the Mooney airframe the strongest and safest among GA airplanes.

The M20K 231, introduced in 1979, was the first non-pressurized Turbo Mooney.  By installing the 210 HP TSIO-360-LB engine into the M20J 201 airframe, the 231 (also numbered for it's top speed) was hailed as the fastest single-engine production aircraft in the world.  It was an instant success and even outsold the ever so popular Mooney 201 during the first two years of production.  However, while a great airplane, there was still some room for improvement.   

In 1985, Mooney’s engineers were tasked with making as many improvements as possible to the 231 and bringing to the market a vastly improved airplane.  Among the improvements was engine cooling and a redesigned primary air induction system.  Just as monumental, TCM listened to customers and made big improvements to the –LB engine that resulted in the –MB version. The changes were many.  Most important were a tuned induction system for more even induction airflow to the cylinders, a larger Airesearch TAO4 turbocharger, a manifold pressure controlling system allowing full throttle operations for takeoff and the incorporation of an intercooler that cooled induction air temperatures by as much as 100 degrees F.  The improvements resulted in the 252 that ran cooler than the 231, required only 36 inches of manifold pressure versus 40 with the 231, and flew 10 kts faster than the 231.

This particular airplane, N252M, with the turbo-charged Rocket engine will get you where you need to go quickly and is priced very attractively.

For more information about the M20K 252 evolution and performance data, click on MAPA

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