Grumman Tiger

Grumman AA5B Tiger              ***SOLD***                   $54,900

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General Info
Make: Grumman Registration Number: N42AR
Model: AA-5B Tiger Serial Number: AA5B1285
Model Year: 1979 Engine: Lycoming O360-A4K (180 HP)
Location: Trenton-Robbinsville (N87) Gear: Fixed
    Prop: Fixed


Logbook Time
Total Time: (Hours since New)  3237 Log books
First 500 hrs of airframe logs lost in fire
Engine: (Since Major Overhaul)  1282 Prop: (Since New)   44
Maintenance Info
Annual due: (Date) January 2015
IFR Certification Due: November 2015
AD's complete? (Yes / No) Yes
Type of Engine Overhaul: Factory Remanufactured (Lycoming)
Damage History:
No damage history
Recent solar gray windows Shoulder harnesses for all 4 seats
Standby Vac
Strobe & Recognition lights
Radio Master w/ Standby Master 406 ELT
Digital OAT Digital Chronometer
Fold-down rear seats (for expanded cargo area) Sliding canopy (can be open during flight)

New Garmin touch-screen GTN 650 GPS/Nav/Com, other King avionics, Century 1 autopilot, 139 kt cruise speed, recent solar gray windows, NDH, nice flying airplane!
  Make / Model
Nav/COM #1: Garmin GTN 650
NAV/COM #2: King KX 155
DME: King KN 64
ADF: King KR 86
BFG 900 Storm Scope
Transponder: King KT 76A
Audio Panel King KMA 24
Century 1 w/ Nav Coupling
Intercom: Northern Airborne Technologies AA80
Engine Monitoring: JPI EDM-700 Graphic Engine Monitor
Compass: Precision PAI 700 Vertical Card
Color(s): White & Burgundy w/ Black trim
Paint Condition:
(1 to 10, 10 being the highest)
 4 (some surface spidering in cowl)
Color(s): Burgundy
Fabric: Fabric / Vinyl
(1 to 10, 10 being the highest)
Glass condition: Excellent!  Recent solar gray windows
Cruise Speed: (at 75% power) 139 kts *
Useful Load:
932 lbs *
Usable Fuel Capacity: 51 gal
Fuel burn: (average) 10.6 GPH *
Range: 530 nm *
Specific Range: ((Efficiency = Cruise Speed ÷ Lbs per hour of fuel burn) (The higher the number, the better the efficiency)) 2.19
* Note: Performance figures are estimates based on best available information (from POH, Vref, etc.) and may not be exact for this particular aircraft.

The Grumman AA-5B Tiger is the four-seat evolution of the successful two-seat AA-1 Yankee introduced in 1969.  The company, needing a four-seat aircraft to fill its product line, enlarged the cabin and external dimensions of the AA-1 Yankee to create the four-seat AA-5 Traveler in 1971.  The Traveler was powered by a 150 hp Lycoming O-320-E2G engine and would carry four people at 121 knots.  In 1974, the Traveler was redesigned with an aerodynamic cleanup of the engine cowling and main landing gear fairings increasing the cruise speed to 127 knots. In late 1975, the Traveler received further refinement to the engine cowling and baffling, exhaust system, main landing gear, and horizontal tail, which further increased the cruise speed to 133 kts.  This variant was branded as the AA-5A Cheetah. 

The final variant of the AA-5 line was the AA-5B Tiger, first produced in late 1974 as the 1975 model.  The Tiger was the outcome of the same redesign work for the 150 hp Cheetah, but with a Lycoming O-360-A4K 180 hp engine, resulting in an even faster cruise speed of 139 kts.  1,323 AA-5B's were built through 1979 and, collectively, a total of 3,282 AA-5's were built through 2005.

The AA-5 series share the same unique bonded aluminum wing and honeycomb fuselage that eliminates the need for rivets without sacrificing strength. The main landing gear is fibreglass with a spring-steel nose gear tube.

All models of the AA-5 feature a sliding canopy which can be partly opened in flight.  The nosewheel is free-castering through 180 degrees and ground steering is via differential breaking. The AA-5s are noted for their light and pleasant handling characteristics and fast cruising speed. 

This Tiger has the new Garmin touch-screen GTN 650 GPS Nav/Com, has a very nice interior, and flies great!  

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