Mooney M20G

Mooney M20G Statesman  ***SOLD***          $55,000

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General Info
Make: Mooney Registration Number: N6907N
Model: M20G Statesman Serial Number: 680136
Model Year: 1968 Engine: O-360 A1D -180 HP
Location: Robbinsville (N87) Gear: Retractable(manual)
    Prop: Constant Speed


Logbook Time
Total Time: (Hours since New)  3700 Log books
Engine: (Since Major Overhaul)  900 Prop:  (Since Major Overhaul)    650
Maintenance Info
Annual due: (Date) March 2017
IFR Certification Due: January 2018
AD's complete? (Yes / No)

Yes (including Wing Root AD B compliance)

Type of Engine Overhaul: Field (by Ly-Con Aviation)
Hangared: Yes
New light-weight starter (2014) Artex 406 MHz ELT
Rebuilt oil cooler (~2011) Insight G3 EGT
Rebuilt carbuerator (~2011) 4 Cylinder CHT
Rebuilt tank drains (2016) Wing tip strobes
  Make / Model
NAV/COM/GPS #1: Garmin GNS 430W w/ Glideslope
NAV/COM #2: King KX175B TSO w/ Glideslope
Audio Panel / Intercom: PS Engineering PMA 8000B
Other GPS: Garmin 496 w/ XM Sirius weather
Transponder: Garmin GTX 330
Autopilot: Pathfinder P2A
ADF: Bendix King KR86

Color(s):  White / Green / Gray
Paint Condition:
(1 to 10, 10 being the highest)
 8  (recently painted ~ 2 yrs ago)
Color(s): Light Gray
Fabric: Cloth / Vinyl
(1 to 10, 10 being the highest)
Glass condition: Good
Cruise Speed: (at 75% power) 135 kts *
Useful Load: (remaining after full fuel) 688 lbs *
Fuel Capacity: 52 gal
Fuel burn: (average) 9.4 GPH *
Range: 627 nm *
Specific Range: ((Efficiency = Cruise Speed ÷ Lbs per hour of fuel burn) (The higher the number, the better the efficiency)) 2.39
* Note: Performance figures are estimates based on best available information (from POH, Vref, etc.) and may not be exact for this particular aircraft.

Mooneys are among the most efficient and structurally sound airplanes manufactured.  The low profile cross-section and laminar flow wings reduce drag to enable the fast air speeds typically unachievable in other manufacturers' airplanes with similar horsepower.  The tubular steel frame, acting as a cockpit roll cage, along with the wingtip-to-wingtip wing spar make the Mooney airframe the strongest and safest among GA airplanes.

The M20C, first introduced in 1966, is a superb airplane, but the most common wishlist item has been more cabin room - specifically in the rear seat.  The M20G Statesman, introduced in 1968, remedied that desire by adding 10 inches of additional cabin length over the M20C (and M20E).   The 10 inches of lengthened cabin space is split between 5 inches of rear seat leg room and five inches of luggage space - making long trips much more comfortable as a 4-place airplane.

This Statesman combines the technology and safety of the Garmin GNS430 WAAS and Garmin 496 (with weather) with the simplicity (and low maintenance) of the "Johnson Bar" manual landing gear.  Maintenance wise, quite a few components have been replaced and it was painted about two years ago in its classic paint scheme.  For the pilot looking for a complex, IFR platform, this is a very efficient cross-country airplane at an entry level price.  It is ready now to fly to your next $100 hamburger or cross-country flight!

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