Lock & Key Navajo

Piper PA-31-325CR Lock & Key Navajo    ***SOLD***$625,000


General Info
Make: Piper Registration Number: N73LK
Model: PA-31-325CR Serial Number: 31-7912123
Model Year: 1979 Engines: TI0-540 / LTIO-540
Location: Trenton-Robbinsville (N87) Gear: Retractable (electric)
    Props: Constant Speed
Beautiful Lock & Key recently renovated Navajo!  Full glass panel, leather interior, air conditioning, lavatory.    Immaculate condition!
Logbook Time
Total Time: (Hours since New) 4100 Log books
Engines: Since Major Overhaul
L - 50
R - 50
Props:  Since Major Overhaul

L - 50
R - 50


Maintenance Information  
Annual Due:
June 2014
IFR Certification Due: July 2015
AD's Complete: Yes
Damage Hitory:

Right wing impacted during towing

Type of Engine Overhaul: Field overhaul by Signature Engines
  • Overhauled engines by Signature to new limits with center lube camshafts
  • New motor mounts & engine mount system electro-coated
  • New turbo chargers & intercoolers
  • New wastegates and controllers
  • New iridium plugs
  • New ignition harnesses
  • New oil & fuel line hoses
  • New Skytech high-speed starters
  • New alternators
  • New engine control cables
  • New de-icing boots
  • New fuel bladders
  • New Gami fuel injectors
  • Inside engine cowling painted with Alumigrip paint
  • Powder-coated engine mounts and baffling
  • Chrome valve covers & intake tubes
  • Polished spinners, painted satin black, red tips
  • Overhauled prop governors
  • Overhauled fuel selector valves, cross feed valves, fuel shutoff valves, flap motor, cowl flap motors, inboard boost pumps, emergency fuel pumps, auto pilot servos
  • Landing gear
    • Stripped and painted with Alumigrip
    • New hardware, bearings and bushings
    • New hydraulic and brake lines
    • Overhaul power pack, all three gear actuators, and both hydraulic pumps
    • New Flight Custom III tires
    • New brake pads and rotors
  • New calibrated EDM 960 with EGT, digital amp & volt gauge, red alert for failure - approved as primary OEM gauge replacement


  • All glass panel with redundancy and power backup
  • Cabin class room
  • Lavatory
  • Air conditioning
  • Built-in oxygen
  • Air-stair
  • Tables and cabinets
  • Winglets (6% improved climb / better aileron control)
  • Prop syncro-phaser
  • Counter-rotating props
  • HID landing lights (1 million candle-watts, only 5 amps)
  • Vortex Generators Kit
  • Inner gear door removal kit (cuts cycle time in half)
  • Intercoolers
  • Emergency electrical power back up
  • Wing lockers
  • Large baggage space
4 Yr. on New C&D Electronic Heater
7 Yr. on New Eagle Fuel Tanks
5 Yr / 2000 hours on HID landing lights
  • Instrument panel painted in Alumigrip paint & clear coated, all lettering is silk screened
  • New dual Aspen 2500 system (6 screens) w/ 4 AHRS redundancy
  • New Garmin 340 audio panel
  • New Garmin GTX 330 and GTX 327 dual encoders
  • New Garmin 530W GPS/Com
  • New Garmin 430W GPS/Com
  • New Garmin GDL69A  (XM weather & radio)
  • New Avidyne EX600 moving map displaying XM weather, color radar, and TCAS traffic
  • New WX500 Stormscope
  • New 406 ELT
  • New L3 Communication Flightwatch TCAS traffic alert system
  • New Emergency battery backup for pilot’s Aspen system
  • Overhauled King KFC 200 A/P with flight director
  • CMAX Jeppesen approach plates displayed on the Aspens
  • Overhauled Bendix RS811A color radar
  • Overhauled standby attitude indicator (only steam gauge)
  • Ground clearance switch for Garmin 530 & audio panel
White & Blue with Red & Gold Trim
Paint Condition: (1 to 10, 10 being the highest) 10  ($45,000 paint job)
  • New paint and clear coated
  • New bearings & hardware on flight controls, color-coded torque seal applied to hardware
  • New stainless steel screw kit & cam locks
  • New rubber collar installed around windshield base
  • New decal set
  • Chromed pitot tubes
  • Polished handles for entrance door, wing lockers, and nose baggage area and polished refueling caps
Light tan
Fabric: Leather
Condition:  (1 to 10, 10 being the highest) 10  (New $45,000 interior)
Glass condition: New
  • New leather French seamed seats
  • New matching carpet
  • New leather-covered control wheels
  • New interior & exterior windows, new rubber seals around window inserts
  • New air conditioning compressor, expansion valves, and overhauled fan blowers
  • Completely refinished cabinetry
  • Interior plastic uniquely covered in leather & French seamed
  • Cup holders & numerous interior parts chromed
  • New rocker switches internally lit & color-coded in overhead panel
  • Polished seat rails
  • Over head panels repainted with etched lettering
Cruise Speed: 190 - 200 kts
Useful Load / Full Fuel: 1950 lbs / 800 lbs (average)
Fuel Capacity: 182 gal
Fuel burn: (average) 50 gal. first hr. / 40 gal. thereafter
Range (IFR): 550 / 850 nm
Note: Performance figures above are estimates based on standard information and may vary depending on the specific aircraft, power settings, etc.
The PA-31 Navajo was certified by the FAA in 1966 and deliveries began in 1967.  In 1971, Piper introduced the Navajo B with improvements to the PA-31 featuring air conditioning and additional storage lockers in the rear part of extended nacelles.  In 1974 Piper improved on the “B” with the introduction of the PA-31-325CR.  The Navajo CR had counter-rotating engines rated at 325 hp and production commenced in the 1975 model year.

This 1979 Navajo CR is a beautiful Lock & Key recent renovation by Mike Jones Aircraft.  Mike Jones Aircraft has specialized in Piper Navajo sales and renovations for over 30 years.  Their Lock & Key program involves an unparalleled renovation producing a Piper Navajo surpassing anything on the market today.  We invite you to see this airplane in person.








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