We are very pleased to provide Air-Mods Flight Training Center specializing in primary and advanced flight training along with a professionally maintained fleet of aircraft rentals.  In our Robbinsville center, you will find a flexible (FAA Part 61) flight training program that can be tailored to fit your individual requirements and with a schedule that works best for you. 

Summary of our services:

  • Flight Instruction – (Part 61)
    • Ground school
    • Single-engine, multi-engine, complex
    • Primary and advanced ratings (instrument, commercial, ATP)
  • Aircraft Rentals
  • CATS testing center (on-line testing for FAA written exams)
  • Pilot Shop



The rapport between a student and instructor is key for an enjoyable and productive training experience.  We are pleased to provide a wide selection of instructors.  Talk to us about what you’re looking for in an instructor, your typical schedule availability for flying lessons, and let us suggest several instructors that will meet your needs.  Then, we’ll be glad to schedule a time for you to meet them before making a decision.  Even after you are paired with an instructor, you are always free to change instructors later – we even encourage it for a more rounded learning experience!
Instructors Credentials Comments / Specialties 

Bob Kearns

CFII Primary, Instrument training
Eugene Harris CFII Primary, Commercial, CFI instruction
John Davison
CFII, MEI Prmary, Multi-engine, Instrument, Commercial training
Matthew D’Angelo
CFII, Master Flight Instructor
Prmary, Instrument, Tailwheel training
Stephanie Shonk CFII, MEII, ATP Prmary, Multi-engine, Instrument, Commercial training
Kevin Rowe CFII, MEI, IGI Prmary, Multi-engine, Instrument, Commercial training
Andrew Hofford
CFI Prmary training

Driving Directions: 

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