Aircraft Rentals:

Note: All renters (including soloing students) are required to have at least $10,000 of Renter’s Insurance on file with us prior to renting the aircraft. Aircraft rental rates are quoted as “wet” (i.e. – includes the cost of fuel).
Aircraft Rental Rates (per hour) Regular
Cash Discount
Piper Warriors $ 145 $ 138
Piper Warrior (w/ Garmin GNS430 GPS) $ 149 $ 142
Piper Archer $ 168 $ 160
Mooney 201 (w/ GNS430W GPS & 2-axis autopilot) $ 197 $ 188
Piper Seminole twin-engine $ 263 $ 250
Aztec twin-engine (6 seats) $ 394 $ 375
Frasca 141 Simulator (FAA Certified) $   69 $   65

Note:  5% discount for cash or check purchases (including aircraft rental and instruction)



Instruction & Other Rates (per hour): Regular
Cash Discount
Primary * $ 52 $ 49
Advanced * $ 59 $ 56
Owner Aircraft (using the student’s aircraft) Type Rate+$15
Multi-Engine * $ 75 $ 71
Headset rentals $   3
Cancellation policy – 24-hour advance notice required; minimum charge $ 25

* in addition to the aircraft rental, if required



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